That Whole Programming Thing:

It's A Love, Hate Relationship...

When working with a web developer, many people discover the love/hate relationship that is programming; that is programmers love it, and most of their clients hate it. It's an understandable dilemma. Web programming deals with multiple advanced technologies and ideas in order to build websites that most users would consider simple. Many businesses looking for a good developer to work with aren't sure how to tell a good programmer from a bad one, or which technology is right for their business.

Having an enjoyable experience working with a web developer shouldn't be difficult, and here at The Love Of Code, we strive to make that a reality. There are many ways that we work to make web development as painless as possible:

    Located in Portland Oregon... Working world wide...

  • No 1-800 numbers, just straight forward communication. Whether you're located in the greater Portland area of Oregon, or reading this from an internet café in London, we strive to make ourselves as available as possible. Call or email any time, and you will receive a prompt and personal response.
  • We learn all that we can about you're needs. Every business is different, and every website has different needs. Should your website use open source or proprietary systems? Should you use an existing content management system or build a custom one? These questions--and many more like them--are critical to ensuring that you are provided with the best technical solution possible. Don't know what questions to ask? We'll help you through it.
  • We take care of the details, so that you don't have to. When programming, everything from browser compatibility, to search engine optimization, to database security all come down to the details; details which you shouldn't have to spend time worrying about. We'll take care it, so that you can focus on your business.
  • Geek-speak is optional. Web development is complicated, but if you ever have questions about your website then we're here to make things as simple as possible. Why should I have an RSS feed? What the heck is PHP and why do I keep hearing about it? Is my website safe from hackers? Feel free to ask questions like these without getting an answer more confusing than the original problem.
  • Ready for the big leagues. If you know what technologies you want, and you're ready to put a team together give us a call. We've worked on projects big and small, and we're always ready to take on a new challenge.
Web Design

Design Matters, Code Matters Too:

Get It Right The First Time...

The design is a critical part of any website. Businesses spend big bucks to make sure that they have top notch designers creating a look and feel that will get them noticed, but what happens when that design gets turned into browser readable code? Without a good developer under the hood, a beautiful design won't be enough.
  • "It doesn't look the same on my computer at home." Browser compatibility is one of the first things that people notice, and often one of the first things that developers forgo. Our websites are built to work in the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Getting a website to look and work the same way in the different versions of the major browsers is no easy task for developers, but it pays off with a consistent brand image, and a larger audience.
  • "The design is ruined when I try to print this article." Often a forgotten part of website design is what happens when a page from the website is printed. While you may not print a web page in your day to day life, printing is quite common among content-heavy sites. Our websites are rendered in a way that is easy to read on paper, and uses very little ink.
  • "But will it work on my BlackBerry?" As cell phones get more and more complex, more and more people are hitting the web on mobile devices. If mobile users are an important audience for your website, we can help.
  • "It looks great, but what do the search engines see?" Search engines use computer programs called Spiders or Bots to look at your website. These bots can't read words in pictures, and they don't care about pretty designs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about the code behind the design, and it's something we work hard to make sure is done right.
Web Development

Making It All Go:

Without Ever Getting Your Hands Dirty...

Whether you plan to have an online store, or a user database, you're going to need something to make it all go. Without being a programmer yourself, server side web development can be one of the most mysterious and confusing part of creating a website. Here at The Love Of Code, we strive to make this part of the process as easy for you as possible.
  • Security is our top priority. Security may weigh heavily on your mind, but you may not know what to do to help protect your website from hackers. We have tried and true methods of preventing things like SQL injection, and XSS attacks to keep your website safe, without requiring you to know what those things are.
  • Giving you room to grow. We employ a detailed planning phase before any advanced web development project to make the system which we develop is as extensible as possible. Want to start a website to sell books with plans to start selling movies and music one day? No problem.
  • Using technologies that won't leave you in the dark ages. We use tried and true technologies such as PHP and MySQL that are safe, secure, and popular. That means you'll never have a hard time finding developers to work on your website, and you won't be stuck hearing "no one supports that anymore." To make the deal even sweater, they are free.